Board and Core Group

Board meetings are held twice a year.  An Annual Conference, which also acts as the AGM, is held - usually during the month of October.

Representatives from all full member organisations have a place on the Board.

Details for next Board of Members meetings

Date: Thursday, 30th January 2020

Time: 14:00hrs - 16:00hrs

Venue: The Charles Hastings Education Centre, Worcestershire Royal Hospital, Worcester

Meetings are held between 2pm and 4pm.  The venues for meetings will be confirmed against each date. 


The 2018 Annual Conference provided a forum for clinicians, managers and commissioners to meet and explore new ideas in delivering high quality services for children. 

The Conferences have an educational element, are well attended and are open to PiP members and non-members alike. 

Past keynote speakers include Dr Sheila Shribman, Professor Sir Al Aynsley-Green, Dr Hilary Cass, Dr Kathy McLean, Dr Maggie Atkinson, Kath Evans, Dr. Clare Lemer, Carol Ewing.  Recent topics have included Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships/Plans, partnership working, quality indicators, care pathways and clinical networks.

The most recent Conference, held in October 2018, titled 'Networks:Safety, Caring and Sharing' with opur Keynote speakers being Kath Evans, Head of Patient Experience, Maternity, Children & Young People. NHS England and Meera Sookee, Head of Children & Young People Policy. NHS England.

The main objectives of the Conference were:  

  • Understand the national and local agenda around child health services, highlight the importance of working together, Networking to provide a safe and caring health care service for children and young people
  •  Understand the importance of having and using data to support quality improvements in networks and improve outcomes of care
  • Explore workforce issues and understand how we can work collaboratively to secure the necessary children’s workforce
  • Learn how we can engage with child health professionals and children and young people - to encourage involvement and ensure their voices are heard as local services develop

Other speakers were:

Alison Parr – Principal, Blackfriars Academy

Charlotte Yale – Matron, Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust

Alison Warren - Clinical Matron (CYPS) - Royal Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Andrea Page – Assoc Professor – University of Birmingham

Tony Dinning – Project Manager, PiP

Mary Salama – Consultant Paediatrician, BWCNHSFT



The Core Group discuss issues which are taken to the PiP Board.

Andrew Hughes

Mary Passant

Partnership Manager 


Steve Cropper

Academic Advisor, Keele University  



"PiP has a lot of credibility amongst paediatricians and health care professionals. Working in collaboration, members have consistently established clinical networks in a number of speciality areas."

Jonathan Howell, Former Consultant in Public Health

"I have worked closely with PiP over a number of years, and their work has been highly influential in developing networks, both nationally and regionally".

Hilary Cass, Former President, RCPCH

"….the upskilling was excellent. The master classes covered the management of children’s acute care and everyday health problems..."

Staffordshire Moorlands GP

"PiP has raised the profile of Child Sexual Abuse across the region, encouraging, training and supporting clinicians to work in this sensitive and challenging area..."

Cheryl Sherratt - Assistant Director of Nursing (Quality and Safety)

"The Paediatric Anaesthetic Network (PAN) provides a great forum for discussion and sharing problems and ideas with like-minded people working in different hospitals."

Richard Crombie, member of the Paediatric Anaesthetic Network.

"Tēnā koutou - greetings from New Zealand...the approach PiP has adopted in the development of clinical networks....has helped inform initiatives now implemented in New Zealand’s child & youth health sector". 

Mollie Wilson, CEO , Paediatric Society of New Zealand

"I can trust the PiP 'Brand' to deliver high quality education".

Consultant Anaesthetist (attendee at Study Day)

Thank you for that amazing Workshop! I gained such a lot of invaluable knowledge' (attended Cerebral Palsy & Spasticity study day - November 2018)

Menik Upatissa, Registrar at Dudley Group NHS Trust

PiP just goes from strength to strength – well done & sincere thanks for all your leadership particularly in bringing people together & nurturing collaboration, its sincerely valued, PiP remains a ‘bright spot’ on the national landscape (November 2018)

Kath Evans, Experience of Care Lead, Maternity, Infants, Children and Young People, NHS England

I’m writing to thank everyone in PIP for their excellent guidelines, study days, senior nurse support and above all professional friendship.  My career is now taking me overseas but your philosophy will be going with me - and a copy of the PIP clinical guidelines book! 


Tess Haynes, Former Modern Matron & CNS, UHNM

Many thanks for the invitation to present. It was a really informative and thought-provoking conference and I'm happy to have been able to contribute. Also a very well organised event too!

Speaker, Learning from Child Deaths event May 2019

The event was well put together and it was a privilege to be part of the special day.

Tracey Harewood, Bereavement Care Coordinator, BWCNHSFT on Learning from Child Deaths event May 2019