PiP has actively promoted collaborative working on children’s health services since its inception in 1997. 

The organisation has gained extensive experience in supporting informal clinical networks, and working with children & young people, families, clinicians, providers and commissioners.

Although the context in which PiP works has changed radically over the years, the organisation’s original aims are still relevant today:

 -  to improve the quality and accessibility of services for all children and young people

 -  to encourage and develop collaborative approaches to the delivery, commissioning and improvement of services for children and young people in order to reduce variation in quality of care.

An early ‘promoter’ of the value of working in networks, PiP has supported collaborative working across Trusts, organisations and beyond conventional boundaries (geographical and organisation) and developed many informal networks which have matured into more formalised networks. The development of managed clinical networks, and the active promotion of collaborative working, are now the central planks of service design and delivery in the NHS.

A document has been prepared to provide supportive information to those interested in becoming members of PiP.  However, it also acts as a 'legacy' document.  With the many changes to the architecture of the NHS over the years, it is important to ensure that the work PiP has undertaken is recorded.  It is regularly updated.

Legacy document (currently being updated).

Steve Cropper, Academic Advisor with PiP is currently taking the lead on a history project - marking the 20th Anniversary of the organisation.



"PiP has a lot of credibility amongst paediatricians and health care professionals. Working in collaboration, members have consistently established clinical networks in a number of speciality areas."

Jonathan Howell, Consultant in Public Health

"I have worked closely with PiP over a number of years, and their work has been highly influential in developing networks, both nationally and regionally".

Hilary Cass, Former President, RCPCH

"….the upskilling was excellent. The master classes covered the management of children’s acute care and everyday health problems..."

Staffordshire Moorlands GP

"PiP has raised the profile of Child Sexual Abuse across the region, encouraging, training and supporting clinicians to work in this sensitive and challenging area..."

Cheryl Sherratt - Assistant Director of Nursing (Quality and Safety)

"The Paediatric Anaesthetic Network (PAN) provides a great forum for discussion and sharing problems and ideas with like-minded people working in different hospitals."

Richard Crombie, Co-chair of the Network.

"Tēnā koutou - greetings from New Zealand...the approach PiP has adopted in the development of clinical networks....has helped inform initiatives now implemented in New Zealand’s child & youth health sector". 

Mollie Wilson, CEO , Paediatric Society of New Zealand

"I can trust the PiP 'Brand' to deliver high quality education".

Consultant Anaesthetist (attendee at Study Day)