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Paediatric Clinical Guidelines 2016-18

From the inception of PiP, it was recognised that developing clinical guidelines together, was an efficient use of time and would assist PiP in meeting one of its objectives, "to improve the quality of services for children".

Developing quality guidelines that would be useful at the patient / doctor interface, was a very challenging agenda. Consequently, PiP was delighted to join with The Bedside Clinical Guidelines Partnership (BCGP), who had already developed a methodology and a team approach to developing adult medical guidelines, which had been implemented in many of the PiP Member organisations.

The completed clinical guidelines are available in the handbook.  Unfortunately these are not available electronically to non PiP member organisations .

The guidelines are reviewed on a 2-yearly cycle; they help consultants, junior doctors and nurses maintain high quality and consistent practice.

The guidelines have continued to be successful with the number developed increasing each year; there are now over 90 Guidelines. The 2016 - 18 handbook (7th Edition) is now available to purchase.


The author of any guideline can contact Mathew Stone, Clinical effectiveness librarian who undertakes on their behalf an expert literature review to find answers to specific questions. The outcome of these literature reviews or any other supporting information about the guideline can be found on the evidence pages, which are linked to each guideline. These pages contain a wealth of useful information. However, if you know of additional evidence that has not been considered in answering any of the questions, the BCGP would be delighted to hear from you

How can I get involved?

If you would like to comment on a guideline or become involved as a writer or reviewer, please contact Kathryn McCarron, Paediatric Guidelines Co-ordinator.


The 2016-18 Paediatric Clinical Guidelines are now available to purchase.

If you wish to purchase a copy of the paediatric guidelines you can download an order form and payment by card proforma here, if you are ordering from outside the UK or would like further details contact us for further details.




"PiP has a lot of credibility amongst paediatricians and health care professionals. Working in collaboration, members have consistently established clinical networks in a number of speciality areas."

Jonathan Howell, Consultant in Public Health

"I have worked closely with PiP over a number of years, and their work has been highly influential in developing networks, both nationally and regionally".

Hilary Cass, Former President, RCPCH

"….the upskilling was excellent. The master classes covered the management of children’s acute care and everyday health problems..."

Staffordshire Moorlands GP

"PiP has raised the profile of Child Sexual Abuse across the region, encouraging, training and supporting clinicians to work in this sensitive and challenging area..."

Cheryl Sherratt - Assistant Director of Nursing (Quality and Safety)

"The Paediatric Anaesthetic Network (PAN) provides a great forum for discussion and sharing problems and ideas with like-minded people working in different hospitals."

Richard Crombie, Co-chair of the Network.

"Tēnā koutou - greetings from New Zealand...the approach PiP has adopted in the development of clinical networks....has helped inform initiatives now implemented in New Zealand’s child & youth health sector". 

Mollie Wilson, CEO , Paediatric Society of New Zealand

"I can trust the PiP 'Brand' to deliver high quality education".

Consultant Anaesthetist (attendee at Study Day)